Relocation - How to Prepare When Moving to a New City

October 5, 2022

Corey Ray & Scooter Gillis


Have questions on what to do when you're relocating? Get in contact with us today for some helpful resources on how to set up a successful plan to make your move easy on you and your family!

Relocation can be a scary, overwhelming topic, especially if you have a family to consider. With some good preparation, you will find that the process can be considerably more manageable and a lot easier to obtain. Before you take that final leap, make sure you complete the following seven steps beforehand. Consider your personal belongings, residency, family, relationships, career, transportation, and living costs. 

Personal Belongings

There are multiple things that need to be taken care of before you can hop in the truck or on the plane to relocate you and your family. While some may see this as a daunting, overwhelming process, it doesn’t have to be this way. Taking the time to prepare beforehand can save you a lot of time and heartache in the end. To begin, let’s start with considering your personal belongings. It’s time to declutter your life! If you’re like us, you like to hold onto things for a while, especially if they have sentimental value. To make it easier on yourself, think of the things that you will need in your new city. For instance, if you are coming from an area with all four seasons that gets a substantial amount of snow, and you’re moving somewhere like Arizona, you can probably get rid of the heavy winter gear that you have stored away. Also considering the fact that moving your things can be expensive, make sure you’re only keeping the items that are truly special to you and cannot be replaced. This is also a great opportunity to make some extra money for your new future endeavors! Yard sales are a great way to make some extra money, especially when you’re moving out of the area completely. 

In this day and age, most people focus on posting to the internet. Posting your unwanted items for sale on, let’s say, Facebook Marketplace, or one of the other many selling groups out there, it is an easy way to make some quick money. If you start going through and selling your unnecessary items now, you won’t be in any rush to get rid of them later. The items that you have more of a sentimental bond with are great to give to charity. Dropping off donations to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or one of the many great charities, is a great, quick way to de-clutter your home and help a great cause at the same time. There are multiple moving companies out there that can help take the pressure off of you. If you’re driving to your new city, getting a large moving truck and doing it all in one load is definitely worth it. If you’re moving without having a residence ready for you when you get there, you might want to consider renting a storage unit temporarily. There are some storage facilities that rent out moving trucks as well, which can make life a lot easier for you.


Finding a place to live is one of the major stress points about moving, especially when you’re relocating to a new city. First, let’s decide if you’re going to look for an apartment, duplex, house, or whatever dwelling best suits you. Now it’s time to call a realtor, even if you’re looking for a rental, consulting your trusted agent is always a good idea. If you’re looking to move to an area that your current realtor doesn’t cover, they will be able to refer you to someone they trust, so that you know you’re always in good hands. I think most of us can agree that you want to live somewhere that has a low crime rate, so that’s something you can start doing now to prepare. When you have some time, do a little bit of research on the best neighborhoods to live in that city. From there, you and your agent can look for the available properties within those boundaries. You will also want to start discussing your current price options. If you’re selling your current home with your realtor, it will be easy to figure out what you can afford to spend on your next house. If you’re renting your current residence out while you’re away, or you’re currently renting, you will want to go through your budget and compare the best pricing options for you. Remember, pricing can vary from city to city. You will want to make sure that you’re up to date on the current pricing in the area you’re moving to. For more information on what to look for and how to prepare your residency before you move, we would love to answer any questions you may have. To get in contact with us with questions, click here!


Moving is stressful enough, let alone trying to relocate the entire family! This is definitely one that you will want to make sure you start early on. First, if your significant other is currently working, ensure that there are job opportunities for them in the new city. The same goes for any children that you have that are employed. If you don’t think of this beforehand and prepare for all possibilities, you may be left with significantly less income for a substantial amount of time, which may leave you in a bad spot. If you have children, there are a few things that you need to do now. One is to make sure there is a good school near where your new residence is. The school system may vary a great deal from where they are now. If their new curriculum varies too much, your children may struggle, which isn’t fun for anybody. It’s always a good idea to call the school ahead of time, especially if you’re transferring in the middle of the school year. You can ask them what materials you need to prepare and what your children should be up to speed on. Secondly, you will want to check out the crime rate for that area. The last thing anybody wants is to move into a neighborhood with a high crime rate and not feel safe in your own home. You can check the crime rate in your new neighborhood by clicking here.

For a lot of us, our furry friends are very important members of our families. If you have a beloved family dog, cat, or maybe even a bunny, you will want to get them prepared as well. Whether you are driving or flying, make sure they have everything they need. One thing that is easily forgotten in a move, is how hard it may be on them. A lot of animals suffer from travel anxiety and this can become a major problem when you’re already in transit. A good remedy for this is asking your veterinarian for some anti-anxiety medication just in case before you leave. If they start to show signs that they’re anxious, you will be more than prepared to help them. 


Moving to a new city can be very scary and lonely, which can be exacerbated by not having any resources or connections there. When you live in your home town, you are constantly surrounded by people you know and are in a short walking or driving distance from your loved ones. If you pop a tire or run out of gas, you always have someone to call. When you’re relocating, especially if you don’t have a family that you’re moving with, it can feel scary. You will want to start making relationships and connections right away. These relationships can lead to not only some great friends, but also some work opportunities as well. Before you move, ask your friends, coworkers, and family if they know of anyone that works or lives in the city you’re moving to. Ask them if they could introduce you once you get settled in. If there isn’t anyone you know that has a connection to where you’re going, look to the internet! While the internet is great for many things, it’s best known for getting people connected. There are a plethora of groups out there that you can join to allow you to meet new people and locals in that particular area.

Along with these, there are always local event groups as well. These ones are the best to join as these events are a great opportunity to network, meet the locals, check out the best hotspots, and support the small businesses in that area. Lastly, another great way to make some good relationships in a new area is to join groups with similar interests as you. You can do this online, or you can go to the local bulletin or the city center to see if there are any groups that meet regularly that may interest you. These types of groups always welcome newcomers, and can also be a great business networking opportunity as well. No matter what avenue you choose to go down, each will lead to the same outcome. This is the perfect opportunity to meet some fun, new people that may be able to help you if you hit a rough patch and need some help. 


Considering your career when relocating is a vital step, as taking a hit to your income is not something you want to deal with in the middle of a move. A common reason for relocation is for a promotion opportunity, so if this is why you’re moving, contact your place of business to see if they offer relocation services. Some companies will cover relocation costs or assist you in this process. If you have to move for a different reason and would like to keep your current job, before you quit because you’re relocating, contact management and find out if they offer these services as well. An easily forgotten fact is that pricing can majorly differ from city to city. If you get a new job when you move, the salary may sound great, but keep in mind that living costs may be more expensive there. We will speak more about this topic further in the article. 

If you are hoping to get a job once you arrive in your new city, make sure you have your ducks in a row, so to speak. Fill out applications before you leave and set up interviews within the first few days of arriving. Some companies give you the option to complete job interviews over video chat services, like Skype or Zoom, if you are relocating to their city. Try to do this for as many job interviews as you can so that when you arrive, you are not under as much stress. The last factor you have to look at, if you are hoping to get a job once you move to your new city, is the difference in the job market. For instance, here in North Idaho, everyone is looking for good employees. A lot of our small businesses are currently struggling because they cannot find workers, so getting a job here is very easy. This isn’t the same for all cities, of course, so do some research on the local job market and make sure that there are a good amount of businesses hiring.


If you are keeping the car you currently have, it might be the best idea to have a fun roadtrip, depending on how far you’re traveling. So, pack up the car with as many of your personal items you can fit, get some yummy snacks and some comfy clothes, and hit the road! If you’re hoping to get a car once you arrive and are wanting to just fly to your new location, it would be a good idea to start looking for a car now. You can simply go online to find local dealerships and give them a call to start the ball rolling now. Keep in mind that you will want to buy a car that is the best for the weather and terrain in that area. If you are moving to an area that has all four seasons and gets a considerable amount of snow, make sure you buy a car accordingly. For instance, you would not want to purchase a rear-wheel drive vehicle if you’re moving to a snowy area, since it is considerably more difficult to drive in the snow and ice, not to mention it can be very dangerous. Make sure to ask all of these questions when you speak to the dealership.

If you are hoping to not have to purchase a car and want to simply commute using the local resources, then figure out the train and bus schedules. Make sure they will able to suit your needs by finding out if they make planned stops near your place of business and your residency. Now that companies like Uber and Lyft exist, living without a car is easier than ever. If you are using these services consistently it can get quite expensive, especially if you’re commuting long distance. Ensure that this will fit in your budget if this is your plan, as you will have to pay for these services multiple times a day. There are two major upsides of not owning a vehicle if you’re living in the city. The first upside is if the parking situation is scarce. Little details like this can get swept under the rug and be easily forgotten about, but if you don’t do your research on these things, it can end up becoming a problem for you later on. The second factor is if there is a high crime rate in your neighborhood. If this is the case, it may be a better option to not own a vehicle for the time being and just use the local transit. 

Living Costs

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, living costs are a vital factor when moving to a new city. Each area fluctuates in the general costs of everyday life. This includes the cost of groceries, gas, rent, utilities, ect. If you’re used to lower living costs, moving to an area with higher prices can come as a large shock. This will affect the jobs you are able to get as well, as taking into consideration the living costs, you may need a higher salary job in order to make up for this change. This might also affect the type of car you can get. If you’re used to driving a truck or a car that requires premium fuel, this may no longer be an option for you if the gas prices are substantially higher in that area. Because this also applies for home prices and utilities, you may need to find a rental instead of purchasing a home. This can be very inconvenient if you’re used to owning your own home, so it’s a smart idea to research this topic before you make the final plan to move.


To conclude, moving can be a difficult time, let alone relocating to a whole new city. If you’re not comfortable or familiar with the area and the people in it, it’s a good idea to start doing your research now. Instead of overwhelming yourself and your family, start small and take baby steps. Preparation can take as long as you want, so give yourself as much time as you think you need. Relocating doesn’t have to be a scary, daunting task, it can be enjoyable! Go at your own pace and make this as fun as possible, because it’s a new adventure for you and your family and it’s your job to turn the page!